gantt dateFormat MM-DD title Roadmap* section stretch goals tutorial UI Theme: track1, 4d tutorial Story Swapping: 4d tutorial Many Unit List: 4d Addressables compatible API: 4d talk on Asset Soup: 4d talk on mobile memory: 4d section other versions gitlab build server: 4d other versions of Unity : 4d section more features ideas portal/bug tracking: 2d Alias support: 2d Automated Texture Settings: 4d Hot swappable Prefab Themes: 4d

* All time estimates are not promises of delivery dates. They are SWAG (Scientific Wild @ss Guesses) intended to give an indication of what we plan on working on, in what order.

Stretch Goals Things that will make it easier on people to understand how to use these tools.
Other Versions This tools supports many versions of Unity3d already. However we need to do some work to build a test system that can run all the different versions of Unity on different platforms.
More Features There are more features planned too! Mostly improvements to the Building side, but a lot of great stuff we have in mind.