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BundleManager.ManagerSettings Class Reference

Detailed Description

These are consistent for the life of the application.


class   QueueSettings

Public Attributes

QueueSettings  immediate
QueueSettings  low
QueueSettings  wifiOnly
uint  maxCacheSizeMB = 0
UnloadMode  unloadMode = UnloadMode.Immediate
bool  unloadAssets = true
float  unloadDelay = 5
bool  forceSyncLoading = false
float  reachabilityPollingInterval = 10
uint  progressScale = 1000
string  localPrefix = string.Empty
bool  enablePreloadCacheOnlyCheck = true
int  retryCount = 5
float  retryDelay = -1
QueueSettings[]  allQueues

Member Data Documentation

◆ enablePreloadCacheOnlyCheck

bool enablePreloadCacheOnlyCheck = true

When enabled, only ask the cache system if a bundle was preloaded, rather than a full bundle load.

◆ forceSyncLoading

bool forceSyncLoading = false

Some games/datasets get screwy errors when using async loading calls.

When it fails, it looks like... [Position out of bounds!] The file 'none' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again!

This usually happens if you are calling Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets() manually. Instead, use #BundleManager.UnloadUnusedAssets(), which will avoid unloading at the wrong times.

◆ immediate

QueueSettings immediate
Initial value:
= new QueueSettings
maxConcurrentDownloads = 4,

◆ localPrefix

string localPrefix = string.Empty

When loading from StreamingAssets, are they loaded from a subfolder?

If not empty, be sure to add trailing slash

◆ low

Initial value:
= new QueueSettings
maxConcurrentDownloads = 1,

◆ maxCacheSizeMB

uint maxCacheSizeMB = 0

The maximum amount of disk space allowed for caching asset bundles, in megabytes.

The manager with the smallest value is the one we use. This is a convenience wrapper only, this is not necessary for callers to use. A value of zero indicates system default (4GB for iOS, Android, PC and Mac Standalone).

◆ progressScale

uint progressScale = 1000

How much to add to AmountProcessed for each completed download.

◆ reachabilityPollingInterval

float reachabilityPollingInterval = 10

Seconds between network reachability checks

◆ retryCount

int retryCount = 5

How many times to retry before giving up

◆ retryDelay

float retryDelay = -1

How long to wait between retries

Special value<0 is double each retry.

◆ unloadAssets

bool unloadAssets = true

When we unload a bundle, do we unload the assets immediately too?

◆ unloadDelay

float unloadDelay = 5

How long to wait before unloading, in AutomaticDelayed mode

◆ unloadMode

How to deal with unloading bundles when the last reference is unloaded

◆ wifiOnly

QueueSettings wifiOnly
Initial value:
= new QueueSettings
maxConcurrentDownloads = 1,