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 NManifests Lookup tables that translate game requests into details that Unity needs
 CIBundleManifest This is the minimum concrete runtime API BundleManager will use, usually loaded from disk
 CIManifestLoader Standard interface for loading a concrete IBundleManifest
 CLoaderExtensions Additions to IManifestLoader
 CPackedManifest Optimized version of UnityManifest that includes bundle sizes
 CLoader A Loader for PackedManifest
 CUnityManifest Use Unity's bundle manifest directly
 CLoader A Loader for UnityManifest
 CSettings Runtime settings that apply to a Loader and any UnityManifests it creates
 NOperations Medium level bundle interface
 CIGetVersion Get a unique version of a bundle
 CILoadAsset Load an asset (texture, model, prefab) from a bundle
 CILoadBundle Load a bundle and return it directly
 CILoadLevel Load a level from a bundle
 CIOperation Callers can expect all operations to have these basic services
 CAssetAddress Shortcut for address to a specific asset in a given bundle
 CBundleManager Loads and tracks asset bundles at runtime
 CManagerSettings These are consistent for the life of the application
 CQueueSettings Each of these corresponds to a single Priority
 CCollectionExtensions Polyfill for collection things I expect in the .net libraries
 CStringExtensions Polyfill for string things I expect in the .net libraries
 CAssetAddressPropertyDrawer A Unity Editor PropertyDrawer for AssetAddresses
 CAssetAddressPropertyDrawer_GUID A Unity Editor PropertyDrawer for AssetAddresses using GUIDs for Asset names
 CAssetBundleUtils Tools to smooth out interfacing with Unity asset server
 CBuildBundles_PackedManifest Build bundles and create a PackedManifest
 CBuildBundles_UnityManifest Build Bundles and create a Unity Manifest
 CMakeBuildDependencies Tools to sort through asset soup
 COfflineEnvironment interface to needed basic items when running Editor code in offline mode
 CProgressDisplay Wrap Unity Editor's progress display to handle recursive requests