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ProgressDisplay Class Reference

Detailed Description

Wrap Unity Editor's progress display to handle recursive requests.

Static Public Member Functions

static void  DisplayProgressBar (string title, string message, float progress, string key=null)
static void  ClearProgressBar (string key=null)
static void  NoteProgressError (string message=null)
static void  HideProgressBar ()
static void  ShowProgressBar ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearProgressBar()

static void ClearProgressBar ( string  key = null )

Removes a progress display

Removes the given entry from the stack. Null key assumes last used.

◆ DisplayProgressBar()

static void DisplayProgressBar ( string  title,
string  message,
float  progress,
string  key = null 

Start or update a new progress display.

If this is a new 'key', pushes a new entry on the stack. Null key uses the 'title' as key.

◆ HideProgressBar()

static void HideProgressBar ( )

Temporarily hide the progress display without changing stack

Good for when you're going to show an input dialog during the process.

◆ NoteProgressError()

static void NoteProgressError ( string  message = null )

Make a note of an error that occurred during processing.

When last progress bar is cleared, user will be alerted with this error.

◆ ShowProgressBar()

static void ShowProgressBar ( )

Make sure progress display is visible without changing stack

Good for when you're pretty sure Unity closed your progress bar.