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IOperation Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Callers can expect all operations to have these basic services.

Can use this object in a Coroutine yield. i.e. yield return StartCoroutine(operation); or directly via yield return operation;

These are not intended to be allocated outside BundleManager.

Inheritance diagram for IOperation:
IGetVersion ILoadAsset ILoadBundle ILoadLevel

Public Member Functions

abstract bool  IsDone ()
abstract void  Process (BundleManager manager, AssetBundle bundle, string error)

Public Attributes

string  Error

Protected Member Functions

void  StartLoad ()
void  DoneLoad ()


override bool  keepWaiting [get]
static int  activeCount [get]

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsDone()

abstract bool IsDone ( )
pure virtual

Determines whether this instance is done.

Caller may use this as an alternate API instead of as a Coroutine

Implemented in IGetVersion, ILoadBundle, and ILoadLevel.

◆ Process()

abstract void Process ( BundleManager  manager,
AssetBundle  bundle,
string  error 
pure virtual

Handle the result of a download.

You will get a bundle or error, not both

Implemented in IGetVersion, ILoadBundle, and ILoadLevel.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Error

string Error

Only valid after IsDone; always non-null on error.

Attempts are made to make this human-readable. Up to caller to log and/or display to user.

Property Documentation

◆ activeCount

int activeCount

When active, not safe to UnloadUnusedAssets