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ILoadAsset Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Load an asset (texture, model, prefab) from a bundle.

These are not intended to be allocated outside BundleManager.

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Public Member Functions

abstract T  GetAsset< T > ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IOperation
abstract bool  IsDone ()
abstract void  Process (BundleManager manager, AssetBundle bundle, string error)

Static Public Member Functions

static ILoadAsset  Alloc (string assetName, System.Type type)
static bool  IsMissingAssetError (string error)

Static Protected Attributes

const string  EditorMissingAssetText = "There is no asset with name"
const string  MissingAssetText = "Asset not found with name"


bool  IsMissingAsset [get]
- Properties inherited from IOperation
override bool  keepWaiting [get]
static int  activeCount [get]

Additional Inherited Members

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string  Error
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IOperation
void  StartLoad ()
void  DoneLoad ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ Alloc()

static ILoadAsset Alloc ( string  assetName,
System.Type  type 

Allocate an ILoadAsset op

ADVANCED: Only needed if you are making custom IManifestLoader objects. Normally only BundleManager should be creating your ILoadAsset ops.

assetName Name of asset in bundle
type What kind of object is expected to be pulled from bundle