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IBundleDirectoryLoader Interface Reference

Additional commands that the client will need More...

Inheritance diagram for IBundleDirectoryLoader:
PackedManifest.Loader UnityManifestBundleDirectory

Public Member Functions

AssetBundleLoadOperation  Initialize (BundleManager manager, string absolutePath, int version, string baseUrl)
  Sets the source URL to the manifest and where all remote content is expected to be found. More...


IBundleDirectory  ActiveDirectory [get]
  Get the current directory More...

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

◆ Initialize()

AssetBundleLoadOperation Initialize ( BundleManager  manager,
string  absolutePath,
int  version,
string  baseUrl 

Can be updated during application run for a version change.

version If cached locally and version number matches, won't hit network
absolutePath manifest path. Not necessarily from baseUrl
baseUrl prepended to all bundle requests. Ends with slash. Typically BundleManager.GetUrlPath(absolutePath).

Implemented in UnityManifestBundleDirectory, and PackedManifest.Loader.

Property Documentation

◆ ActiveDirectory

IBundleDirectory ActiveDirectory

Only valid after Initialize completes without error.